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Suggestions for cloud backup of our daily backup databases?

Question asked by douglerner on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by AndresLP

We are running our FMS on Windows server 2008 R2. Our main database is up to 18 GB now and we are trying to find a safe cloud sync for the daily backups created by FMS. Currently we are maintaining 3 days of backups.


Here is what we have tried so far, but have not found a perfect solution yet, so would like recommendations.


1. Dropbox - The natural first attempt. However, we were unable to install Dropbox on Windows server 2008 R2 and our host (FMPHost) couldn't get it to work either. And Dropbox says they don't officially support that version of the server.


2. pCloud - installed, but communications are just awful. It takes a long time for them to answer, they never seem to respond to the question I'm asking, I can't get the details I need, and basically I'm just giving up on them.


3. SpiderOak - installed, communications are excellent, and it works. However, there is a technical issue which SpiderOak mentions in their own FAQs, involving very large files (i.e. over 10 GB). It seems they perform an encryption on our server prior to upload to their cloud. This encryption is a big performance drain for large files, and we have had our monitor go off for a minute when this is taking place. That would just get worse as time goes on I assume.


4. Both Box and OneDrive have file size limits which are too small.


I think something like SpiderOak, that didn't do the encryption on our end, and was reliable would be perfect.


Anybody have any suggestions?


Also, in the admin panel, what is the proper format for setting an alternate location for the daily backups? The default is


filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/


Is that filewin: part necessary? Why are they forward slashes even though it is a Windows server?