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Margin is determining layout view in browse mode

Question asked by jdevans on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by jdevans

It seems (?) that the page margin is determining what fields are being shown in browse mode on one of my files.

Here's the layout mode setup:


Here^^ you can clearly see the edge of the margin (View>Show Margins is turned on). But there are a couple more fields beyond the edge (to the right) of the end of the page margin.


When opening the layout however in Browse Mode, here's what I see...


I've never seen this on any other layout. Normally, the margin only affects how it will look in Preview Mode, and thus to a printed hardcopy. How to get these extra/hidden fields to show up in browse mode?


What's MORE strange is that if I log into this file using the general-user priv set, the above BrowseMode view is what I see. However, if I log into it using the Full Access priv set, I see all the fields as I would expect, and it doesn't seem to care about the margins.