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Calculate Ranks to Pay

Question asked by jobu on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by Orlando

In the attached file I have a Field RanksToPay that I have manually entered data to establish a relationship to a Payout table. I could script the setting of the RanksToPay field but wonder if there would be a way to create the contents of the RanksToPay field with a calculation instead.


In the Event Scores record I left in the file the first record (when sorted by score low to high) has a rank of 1 and RankValue of .5. The .5 denotes that 2 participants are tied at that rank ie. Round(1/RankValue;0). So I know the RanksToPay starts at rank 1 and stops after rank 2. Therefore the RankstoPay field should be 1 & Paragraph & 2. The second record should be the same as the Rank and RankValue are the same.


The third record should only contain 3 as only 1 participant is at that rank. So on and so forth.