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PDF printing problem in WebDirect MacOS vs iOS

Question asked by RayRomanczyk on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by RayRomanczyk

I have a simple script to print a report from solution using WebDirect to access in Safari. When I test on Mac OS on desktop or laptop, works just fine. When I access Safari on iPad, script does nothing - no error just no action. Using FM Go works fine also. I'm using FMA 17 to develop. The script is:


Print Setup [ Orientation: Landscape; Paper size: 8.5" x 11"; Scaling: 75% ] [ Restore; No dialog ]

Go to Layout [ “Print Schedule” (Grad Interview Scheduling) ]
Set Variable [ $$Path; Value:Get ( TemporaryPath ) & "Interview Schedule" & ".pdf" ]

Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “$$path”; Automatically open; Create directories:No; Current record ]
Document - ]
Pages - Number Pages From: 1; Include: All pages ]
Security - Printing: High Resolution; Editing: Any except extracting pages; Enable copying; Enable Screen Reader ] [ Initial View - Show: Pages Panel and Page; Page Layout: Single Page; Magnification: 100% ]

[ Restore; No dialog ]
Go to Layout [ original layout ]


I assume I missing something basic but it eludes me. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.