Designing and Implementing an Engagement Ladder

Discussion created by oregondean on Dec 4, 2018
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Greetings.  I am starting out on a project to design and build an engagement ladder (some might call it an engagement pyramid or marketing automation) and I would like to know if any of you have any good resources or input that might help me along the way. I want to use FileMaker as the engine behind a web facing (PHP and data API) application.


In short, an engagement ladder is a process that starts users at the lowest rung with limited engagement, and then based on their actions and responses to periodic contact they move up the ladder where they are slowly given more responsibility or activity, deeper engagement, and more serious tasks.   In one sense it's the next generation of CMS where the process is highly automated.


Check out http://Autopilothq.com  ... that is similar to what we want to design and frankly what might use in the short term ... contacts, sequences, delays, decisions, loops, etc.  The challenge is that over the long run a service like AutoPilotHQ will become very expensive as we move our contact list (hopefully) from a few thousand to 100,000 to upwards of 1 million people. Do you know anyone doing anything like this in FileMaker – not the fancy drag and drop, rather the functionality of the process?


My space is policy advocacy (for rare disease).  We want to slowly but consistently engage people, keep track of their level of understanding, sense of understanding, and response to action requests.  People will make their first contact with us at different times, and with different understandings, education and motivations. We won't be just asking them to do things, we will be educating and querying them about issues and other aspects of how these issues affect their lives. 


While we will need to initially define what each rung on the ladder means, at some point in time as we gather more data on the response and timing of response to our messaging, the data action gathered should  become fodder for manually reviewed reports leading to refinement and optimization ... and perhaps also the source of AI data processing.