Get(WindowLeft) and -top return wrong values

Discussion created by NBusch on Dec 5, 2018
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Product and version: FileMaker 16 & 17

OS and version: Windows 10

Description: In FileMaker 17 and 16 the function Get( WindowLeft ) returns a value that is 8 points to low, leading to a value of -8 when the window is maximized. Accordingly Get(WindowWidth) for a maximized window returns a value that is 16 points higher than the actual screen resolution.

The same applies to Get(WindowTop). We have also seen the value -7, this difference could be connected to global scaling settings above 100% in the Windows OS.

How to replicate: See above

Hardware: We see this behaviour on three PCs with different  hardware (Dell desktop/HP notebook) and different graphic cards (AMD FirePro W2100, AMD Radeon HD 8750M, Intel onboard graphics)