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How do I use an old plugin with FM17?

Question asked by carlsson on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by carlsson

First: I haven't used plugins that much during my years of developing, I tend to solve things other ways. Ie, my experience with plugins are somewhat limited.



I'm converting an old Filemaker 7 solution to Filemaker 17. The solution uses two homebrewed plugins that were written by a company that doesn't exist anymore.

When I copy the old plugin to FM17 Extensions folder, it doesn't show up in FM 17 plugins.



- Is there an easy way to just upgrade the plugin somehow?

(I have dissicated the plugin to see if I can understand anything, and even though I am able to see real text, there's really not much more I understand... )

- Have I misunderstood how the plugins are used by FM? Do they need to be initiated/blessed somehow? (I have used Troi Dialog and BaseElements, and they are just copied to the extensions folder).