Modification in privileged set field

Discussion created by fawad001 on Dec 5, 2018
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Hi all,


I have a user by the name 'User 1'. I have allocated some privileges set to 'User 1'.

In the privilege set, I limited the 'User 1' for the editing record using the following calculation 'not table:: flagon' so it means that when the flag will be on (table:: flagon = 1), a 'User 1' will be unable to modify or edit the record displaying in the layout and that is working fine with me.


Now, I have a 'Saved' field on the every layout table and that field is another flag field, its action is controlling by a button displaying in the layout. Now, whenever a user clicks this button a value '1' inserts into 'Saved' field which means a field modified.


The problem is that 'User 1' is privileged with the no modification of the record whenever 'table:: flagon = 1' and after that, it is only mandatory for 'User 1' to insert the value in a 'Saved' field which needs to be modified but the 'User1' unable to do.


Looking forward to the right answer


Using version 17