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Login to DB get customer number into global variable from related table

Question asked by mark-it on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by mark-it

Hi FM community


After login with specific Account Name to DB, I would like to get Customer number from related Table. It look like this:



Parent:Customer_PK -> Child::CustomerEmployye::fk_Employye

Customer: PK <->Child::CustomerEmployye::fk_Employye <-> Child::CustomerEmployye::EmployyeName


So if I will login as "Worker1" (OnFirstWindowOpen), and this worker is related to "Company1", I would like to get this Customer number from Parent:Customer table into global variable, so I could use that numer while creating orders. I already have $$User = Get (AccountName), but I dont know how to connect this variable to get customer number also into next variable.

Thanks in advance.