New FM update - SVG icons for Button Bars

Discussion created by teodora_popoaca on Dec 6, 2018
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For our internal solutions we have imported a bunch of new SVG icons, spread around our many applications. Before import, we had prepared the SVG icons making sure that they have the class="fm_fill" added to the files in a text editor, which would allow them to be colored by FileMaker when given a color. And given that the background of the Buttons and Button Bars UI editor was dark, we have also used the attribute fill="#FFFFFF" to make them white to be able to see them on the dark background.


But now, with the white UI from update 17.0.3, they are white icons on white background. Is there an attribute that actually colors the icons in that greyish default FM color so that they are automatically made to look like the original FM icons, in order to avoid this problem in the future?


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Attached Files:

1. Text metadata for the SVG icons - see selected

2. Pre update - Dark UI for Button Bars (SVG icons are White or Black, depending on the 'fill' attribute

3. After update - White UI for Button Bars ( All SVG icons filled with white (#FFFFFF) are now invisible, albeit, still usable by FM, but you need to go through them one by one to find the one that you would like to use.)