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OnValidate not working consistently

Question asked by mactabby on Dec 6, 2018
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I have a complex Sales Order data entry form with an Order Items portal on it, into which my sales team key product data.


They can key by code (full or partial) or by name, and then a script triggered onValidate validates their entry, locates the correct product and populates the rest of the line (customer price, taxes, stock allocation etc). I have another script onExit which then works out where the user should be next and takes them to the relevant field as I can't set up tabs the way I want.


Generally speaking it all works fine, but for some reason sometimes the OnValidate simply doesn't get triggered.  I've tested this by systematically by creating a new order, entering a single product code and clicking elsewhere on the form to trigger the script, then repeating.  The OnValidate scripted is triggered approximately 90% of the time.  I don't do anything different the other 10%, it just doesn't fire.


Before I start looking at potential errors on my part, is anyone aware of anything systematic which could cause this?  I'm using FMPro 16 on Windows 7 with an FMS 16 database on Windows Server 2012, and the Order form is a pop-up dialogue window.


The same form also suffers randomly from the order items portal not refreshing correctly so that users add a line but it disappears, even though the new data is there in the table, or try to delete a row but it doesn't disappear.  It's the sort of random, un-reproducable error which has me tearing my hair out!