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MS SQL - FMP_CURSOR does not exist

Question asked by andersen58 on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by andersen58

I am attempting to update a field via a TO from a MS SQL server database.  When I do, I get the error 'A cursor with the name FMP_CURSOR does not exist' as discussed in this thread. I found a post indicating I should change the default cursor on the MS database to 'Global' from 'Local', but as the SQL DB is part of our ERP system - and not set up by me - I don't feel comfortable changing that parameter on 'their' database.


I did change the default cursor to 'Global' on a 'Play' database backup and sure enough, I can write to the SQL field via the TO without error.


So, short of changing a database setup parameter on my vendors database - thus expecting 'Hey, you changed the setting that broke it - so now we have to charge you extra to fix it' from their tech support, is there any other way to force an ODBC connection (Stock MS ODBC Driver) to use 'Global Cursors' rather than the default (which in this instance is set to 'local' in the MS SQL database).


Any suggestions?




FMPA 16 and 17 (Mac or Windows Client)

MS SQL Server Standard 11.0.3156

MS SQL Server ODBC v10.00.17134.01