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Layout issues

Question asked by JillW on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by hschlossberg

I have two problems with a layout.

1.First issue.....It's a standard list view layout. I have placed a rectangle shape that has no fill color, and no lines (so it's invisible) over the body of the list view. I have set that invisible rectangle to be a "button" so that clicking anywhere on the row will trigger the action, which is to view that particular row item in the list view in another layout. The action is simply.....go to layout "xyz". It's super great. The issue though, is this: when I put the cursor toward the left side of the row, it's like that invisible rectangle isn't there. Nothing happens when I click on it. The cursor does not change to a finger like I have it set to do, but ONLY on the left side of the screen. However, As I move the cursor toward the right, eventually it turns into the finger and I can click. I have sent all the fields to the back, and I have the rectangle trigger button sent to the front.


This is the layout view. You can see I have the invisible rectangle goes even further to the right, I just didn't snip the whole row for this picture. I have shaded in yellow the area where my button doesn't work.

This is in Browse mode:

The invisible rectangle "button" spans this entire row, but only works toward the right side of the screen, where the yellow starts.


2. Second issue with this same layout is that when the database opens, the very first record in the list view is "selected" which means that, since this is a multi-user system, people are getting errors immediately upon login, saying that the record is being modified by someone else, when in all actuality, it's only that the first record is selected and that's the first record everyone "lands" on when they first login. How to work around this?