Executable Problem: Closing all Databases

Discussion created by barb8383 on Dec 6, 2018
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I have an executable I built years ago with FMP4. Now I'm trying to convert it to an executable using FMP17. Converting all the files and creating a new runtime went fine. But I noticed a big difference and hoping someone can tell me how to fix it.


In my FMP4 executable, I opened a bunch of other databases which the user couldn't really tell. They had their own tables and scripts. I created bare bones forms for them that just had all the table fields so that I could easily edit values. But the user never saw any of that; they only saw the forms that I created and navigated around by clicking buttons.


When the user clicked X in the top corner to close, it closed everything, so closing the executable resulted in closing all the database files it opened.



In my FMP17 executable, when the user clicks X to close, it only closes the current database. So now the user is left staring at just a skeleton form which is really confusing. They have to click X multiple times to totally get out.


I know I can create some kind of an Exit button that does close everything, but the user can still just click the X in the corner and run into this problem.


This probably all stems from FMP4 not allowing multiple tables in one database. I believe you can do that now.


Is there a quick fix? Is there a way to get rid of the close X in the corner? Or a way to get FMP to close everything, not just the current database?


I only have about a month to tweak this before I have to hand it off to a user.