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Why are Data API users lingering in Admin Console

Question asked by wslaughter6 on Dec 6, 2018
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I have a progressive web app that I'm using to call scripts in my solution hosted on FileMaker Server 17. I'm using middleware of my own design to receive requests from the browser, and handle authentication with the data API. In order to maintain simplicity as far as HTTP Client threading, I'm treating each script call as an ad-hoc user. The client makes a POST to log into FMS, a GET to run the script, then a DELETE to log the user out.


I can confirm via the fmdapi log that all three components of the operation are being received by FMS; however, I have lingering clients in the Admin Console client list. I have trouble reproducing this myself. Every time I perform the operation, I don't even see the client in the list, but it's clearly happening sporadically for organic traffic.


I've tried restarting the Admin Server thinking maybe it's just a reporting issue, but the clients still appear. I know the scripts are finishing because the PWA depends on the results of the scripts returned by an "Exit Script" step.


I have data api users sitting around up to an entire day. I thought data API users were supposed to time out by themselves after 15 minutes even if I don't explicitly close the connections.


I can compare the fmdapi log with the admin console and find the specific occurrences of this happening, but according to the log, the users log in, run a script, then log out just as they should...