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How to Import Records for a File I store locally on my phone but develop on my computer

Question asked by JamesDiPaoloSmith on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by philmodjunk

Here's the issue I'm facing. I have a personal database that I store work info on my phone, like a personal tracker. In the past, when I wanted to improve it, I had to take it off of my phone (FM GO), edit the file on my computer (FM PRO) & drag it back onto my phone. This has become a cumbersome process, as when I remove it from my phone I can go weeks without using it because it's sitting on my computer being improved.


So I figured, why not import the records from the phone instance to the improved instance everytime I was done updating the structure. My issue is that none of the import "Arrange by" options account for system changes (Changes in field naming, removing or adding new fields).


When I have the file on my computer, I need to be able to change field properties, including the field name, and delete fields (fields that I may at that point consider useless as I develop my solution). The only two options remotely useful are the Arrange by Creation order, or arrange by Matching Names. However, both have their problems. If I sort by creation order, then I can't delete fields as I develop, and the creation order option doesn't select any of the fields to import anyways (which I don't really understand why no fields are automatically selected). If I sort by matching names, I can't rename fields (The only reason I'd want to rename fields is because as I've grown as a developper, my naming schemes have grown as well, and when I do decide to make a change to the field name schema I like to update the appropriate fields).


I was wondering, how do you guys approach this problem? I'd rather not host this file over a server. I need access to it in remote locations for job site tracking. I know other people who design in FM utilize the Store a File natively on FM GO feature, so how do you approach updating that file and ensuring the data carries over correctly? The only way I think this could work is if I were to use arrange my matching names, and update the names of the appropriate fields right after I do my import, however before I commit to this procedure I want to see if anybody else has a better idea.