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Script to set a variable for a found set of records

Question asked by on Dec 7, 2018
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So I am trying to write a script that will go find a set of records that match a specific field value.

I then want to go to each found record and set a variable for a field value.

My question is, how do I let filmmaker know how many records are found in the the set to know how many variables it needs to set. 

I have a bunch " Work Order Records " in my file.  I have a line item table that holds all the Inventory Items Related to that Work order number.  I would like to go into the the line items table find all the line items related to each Work Order number, and then populate a report showing all the material items related to each Work Order . 

So my first thought is:

Run a find to find all the Work order records that have "Yes" in the material allocated field. 

Now that it has found all the work orders that have the material allocated field marked "Yes"


I need to go to each record and get its Work order Number... Set variable possibly...

Then go to the inventory line items table and find the line items that have the first work order number in them.

  Do I now go back to the original found set of work orders goto the next record and set variable for the next work order # and then repeat the entire process, extending the found set on the second layout of Inventory line items?

Keep repeating until there are no more Work orders in the original found set ?

  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks again