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How to lock calculation so It does not change

Question asked by on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello Community,


I have built an quotation system. It has a products which is an 'REMOTE TABLE'. I have other tables such as customers, quotes, quotesLineItems etc..


When user select product, it will auto populate the product price and this works great.


I have an price field in the price field in QuotesLineItem. It is NOT a calculation field. But it is set as Auto Enter Calculation (options->Auto enter->Calculation). And I have "Do not replace existing value if any" as TICKED.


I don't want price to change once the quote is been sent to customer. So for axample if the quote was created, after sometime the price changes; i don't the new prices appear on previous quotes. So that's why I have an auto enter calculations.



Although, the calculated value is good and if the tick box below is checked it won't replace the new field. However, I have some user asking me if they select the wrong product, the price will get put in price field. But than if they select the right product, because price field CANNOT BE REPLACED therefore the wrong price still appear in price field.


So now I'm in battle of having price to recalculate just in case user select the wrong product VS Price change in remote product table and it can have effect on all previous quotes if I set field to calculate.


Can anyone advise me on this please.


Thank you in advance.