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Solution for scanning barcodes and taking actions

Question asked by Lizhe on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by Lizhe

Hi, I need to build up a procedure to scan items barcodes one at a time in a solution on PC computers. Each time the solution will find the record based on the barcode read, update a few fields of the record and print out a new label, then wait for the next item to be scanned.


I think I can put the scan process in two loops. In the inner loop, if no barcode is read, pause the script for 5s then try to read barcode again. Once the scanner reads something, the script will exit the inner loop to perform the find, update fields and print a label. Then the process will go back to the start point of an outer loop, enter the inner loop to wait for the next item.


I'm not sure if this design works, or there are already some better solutions available.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!