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Flashing text in Web Direct w/ Safari, FMS 16.03

Question asked by justinc on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by justinc

I just created a new layout yesterday and noticed that when I load it up in Safari that radio-button and checkbox fields have some rendering problems:  the text of the selection vibrates - if flashes on and off rather quickly for .5 - 1 seconds after you click on a selection.  Sometimes it's just the text of the option you selected, sometimes it's the text for all options within that object; sometimes it's text in a totally different layout object (but still a checkbox/radio object).


This is primarily on Safari; I tried it in Chrome and 95% of the issue doesn't happen there.  In Chrome the checkbox/radio 'selection' icon will flash a bit and then fail to toggle if you click on just the words of the option.  Click it a second time and it will toggle correctly.  I don't experience any of the nasty pulsing/flashing text of the words themselves.


Safari did just update yesterday, but I also wasn't testing this layout before yesterday.



Safari 12.02

Chrome 71.0.3578

OSX 10.13.6



FMS 16.03

Windows Server 2012 R2


I have not tested on Windows.


2nd issue:  Web Direct again - what's up with the scroll-bars showing up in a calendar drop-down object?  The text is not too large (in FMP definition land); I even increased the overall size of the input field a lot but the scroll bar still shows up when the field is empty.  As soon as there's a value in the field, though, the scroll bar disappears.  This issue is also present in Chrome, but much less noticeable - there's only a faint vertical line at the right of the object.


Here's a little video that primarily shows the issues with the flashing radio/checkboxes.  But you can see the scroll bar in the empty calendar fields.  This is only showing Safari.