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FileMaker 16, 17 and Mojave - Connection Failed

Question asked by j.hall on Dec 7, 2018
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Here's the story: My old MacBook Pro died. I got a new one from Apple, Brand new, still sealed in the box. It came with Mojave on it.


I get everything installed, everything setup, EVERYTHING is working perfectly... Except, FileMaker.


In FileMaker, only on this Machine, only on the MAC side (FileMaker works fine in the Windows VM I have setup, as well, as the Windows Laptop sitting next to me, so this isn't a networking, port or anything like that)


FileMaker is giving "Connection Failed" to any host I try to connect to. It does this to the Locally installed FileMaker Server. The FileMaker 16 Server on an iMac on the local network, as well as any external Host.


I have checked the Network Monitor in Activity Monitor. It is only sending information one time no matter how many times you click on a host or a different host. It appears that that data being sent over the network is only doing the check for updates because after that initial check, FileMaker sends no more data that is being shown in Activity Monitor.


I saw this back in September when I got the Original New MacBook Pro. The only solution I could find at the time was to wipe the machine, start over, installing FileMaker as the first program after install and verifying that it worked. That did and it continued to work until the machine died.


However, this time, I would like to avoid having to do that. Any help with his would be incredibly useful.


Thanks in Advance.