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SES vs MailChimp AND Plugin vs SelfCoded solution

Question asked by ajstonestreet on Dec 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Jason Wood

Hi there!  I'm not new to FM, but am new to coding in the sense I'm graduating from making an Arduino turn a motor to building a solution in FM.   I've currently taken it upon myself to code a CRM for my commercial real estate business that has some pretty specific needs, and I'm laying the ground work right now for the basic CRM features.   Currently I'm working on the email aspect.  I would like to note that my bulk emails are lists smaller than 2000 contacts (and all opted in as well!), but I will be selling this solution in about a year when I get the bugs worked out, and the number could grow significantly.


I know for my email capabilities I want the following:

1-on1 emails: Link to IMAP server to check my work email and assign a relationship that pulls emails to contacts inside the notes section.  I feel pretty confident I can muddle through this aspect, but thought I would mention it as someone might have some input on merging the table for this with the bulk email.


Bulk emails:

  • Send Mass email (obviously)
  • Receive Email (This could be achieved through a reply-to to my work email possibly?)
  • See stats for:
    •   -Recieved
    •   -Opened
    •   -Bounce
  • Be able to handle HTML
  • Be able to handle attachments


This all being said, SES or mail-chimp seem to be the way to go.


My questions are:

  1. If I'm coding my own solution, I don't see what would really matter using SES or MailChimp.  I would think they are both reliable, otherwise they would not be around.   Is this the case?
  2. Also, if I'm coding my own solution, is there a reason to use a plugin other than the time savings?  It would seem cleaner to me to keep it all through programming language, and it would also lower my licensing fees if I'm willing to do the work.


I'm not in a hurry to get this solution done, otherwise I would use 360cloudmail, but the only problem is they don't have receiving, and I would have to purchase two solutions (their single mail plugin)