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Email: Perform on Server with Attachments

Question asked by user28271 on Dec 10, 2018
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I am starting a new thread on this to be more specific and uptodate with my experience.



Users need to send emails with attachments.

FileMaker is set to export fields contents to a  temp directory which is then used as the Attachment.

     - This works perfectly.


Now, for security purposes user stations do not have access to the internet. They can not email.

When I set the script to SEND MAIL as a "perform script on server" I do not get a attachment. 


I assume it is because the server can not see the local temp directory.


Do I need to setup a location on the server as the temp directory?  Or even better the attachment is already a PDF loaded into a container field.  Can I get FileMaker to use that pdf it is already storing?