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Child-Grandchild filtering problem

Question asked by fpreidel on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by philmodjunk

Database relevant fields


UNIT:: (parent)



OWNER:: (Child)


OWNER::id_unit  =  UNIT::ID__Unit 


PRICE:: (Grandchild)


PRICE::id_owner  =  OWNER::ID__Owner


I have created a “Unit_Owner_Price” layout (based on UNIT table) with a two portals:


“Owner_History” based on OWNER table -- The field in the portal cannot be edited and only display the purchase history and historical owners.


“Price_History”  based on the PRICE table -- The fields in this portal are used  to record price updates and sales records


The Problem: 


When I record a sale of a unit in the “Price_History” portal

a script will create a new record in OWNER::


The “Owner_History” prtal will instantly show the sale.

However, no matter how I toil, I cannot get “Price_History”  portal to link to the new Owner.


Please help me before I loose my mind