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File size changes during migration (with DataMigrationTool)

Question asked by jvagla on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by jvagla

Have somebody else noticed change of filesize before and after data migration? I've had one file that I've updated approx once a week with data migration tool and it's filesize has been going up and down. The clone file is always more developed version but itself only about 3-4MB


Migration Day 1: Original filesize 80MB -> after migration 110MB

Migration Day 2: Original filesize 110MB -> after migration 85MB

Migration Day 3: Original filesize 90MB -> after migration 110MB


Amount of data has increased every time (not much but a little) so there is some real increase in data size but not like that. Also weird thing is that sometimes migrated file is a lot smaller (this has been about every other time).


These are not exact filesizes and certainly I have not examined it further but seen again yesterday when the original filesize was 89MB and after migration 113MB.