Find in progress delay and Topcall Statistics log

Discussion created by ebradley on Dec 10, 2018
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Thanks to all who contribute to this forum! I have used this forum for a lot of help, tips and direction that has save much time. This is my first time creating a discussion.


I had a problem long wait times. I searched the forum and found great advice but almost none about how to use the Top Call Logistics log.


I  just switched to FMS 16 and started having this issue. TSGal to Said to  move to FMS 17, I did so. But not much better. For an one hour time  period - I get Top Call Statics results of 30 lines over 100,000,000, 114 lines  over 50,000,000, 400 lines over 10,000,000 and another 250 lines over  1,000,000 Elapsed time totals. As you can see this is a lot of wait time for 14 users all within one hour.


The  greatest offending operation, from the Top Call Statics log, is Query (find) and target is  FileName::table(135)::field definitions(100). If I understand the DDR,  the field is a number calculation. (1 is the only entry, no real calculation). the field is used to establish a relationship with a table  with an one record table to show company data and a logo using merge  fields. Records are not created through the relationship.


So after two weeks of scrutinizing everything and by chance alone, I tried to do a search on the offending field and could not preform a search. The field calculation  = 1, yet a search received a "No records match this find criteria" regardless of the criteria entered. So when the scripted finds and relationships avoided this field the "Find in progress" delay evaporated.


I hope if you are having this "Find in progress" delay I hope this will help.