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Add a join table or no?

Question asked by WF7A on Dec 12, 2018
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Here's the problem (see attached sample file): go to Record 7 in the Standard_Indicator layout where you'll see the Standard, 04.P.01. In the portal you'll see two of the same course names/numbers from the Assignment_Course table, ENG-210. That's fine. However, I'm setting up a report where the user wants to click a button that'll take him elsewhere and wants to use the setup in the horizontal row of six fields below the portal; those are each a portal looking at one row at a time (since horizontal portals aren't available, yet.)


The problem is that the bottom row shows two ENG-210's and the user only ones one of each course number to appear; only the first field should show ENG-210 and shouldn't appear in any of the other, individual, portal fields.


At first I thought that maybe a join table is needed--which I included in the db--but I don't see a many-to-many relationship going on since it's one indicator to many courses, so what would be a tidy solution to showing only one instance of a course number?


TIA for your help!