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Difficulty Importing Certificate - FM Server 17/GoDaddy

Question asked by joey_legos on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by wimdecorte

I read through the SSL Certificate White Paper for FM Server 17 and found it very helpful. Unfortunately I'm still running into issues in getting the SSL certificate to import. Here are some of the details:


- I'm installing (trying) FM Server 17 on a new Mac Mini running 10.14.2


- I acquired a sub-doman (


- I generated a CSR and private key using the terminal command:


  1. fmsadmin certificate create --keyfilepass secretkey



- After purchasing and activation an SSL certificate through GoDaddy, it automatically generated a different CSR and private key.


- I downloaded the SSL certificate under Mac OS X, and when doing so 2 different certificates were downloaded. One appears to be a bundle as the name ends with "bundle".


So now I basically have 2 different .crt files, 2 different CSR files, and 2 different private key files. I'm not sure which to select when importing and am continuously prompted with "Either the certificate file is invalid or the private key file could not be decrypted..."


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.