API's: Any "Take You Through It" Tutorials?

Discussion created by BuzzardJunction on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by ReidLarson

I’ve used Filemaker for a few years now.


Basically, I’ve used FM as an island.  It can do a lot on its own, and it can do it quickly. The logical next step is going into API’s.  People need it.


Is there any kind of tutorial that actually takes the user through the process of using API’s in a similar manner to the dearly missed Filemaker Training Series?


There are videos and PowerPoints out there that talk about REST API’s and Filemaker, but, honestly, I don’t get it yet.

I’ve read about FM’s JSON functions, and I understand the key-value pair thing.  And I’ve got a vague understanding that you can use calculation fields to generate stuff to insert into the URL bar of your browser specific to the API you're using.  But that's about it.