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Merge Records

Question asked by whitsend on Dec 11, 2018
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I have inherited a database, which happens to be related to Musicians.

Each musician has a separate ID.

This data is included in New Bands, as they record new music.


Unfortunately, each musician has not always been uniquely identified.


For example. ID 9654          John Smith.

and ID 8245          J Smith


This the same musician.


Upon entering new records, from time to time, I will. come to a John Smith.  FM17 gives me the option of using either John Smith or J Smith


I would like to simply merge those two records rather than deleting one record and losing what ever historical data may have been appended to this record.


Is there a simple solution.


I don't need to interrogate the data base to find these instances. They will arise from time to time and be corrected.