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And by developers. Our talented geniuses here could bring a lot to that vision. FileMaker has already one foot in the door. The leap would be fabulous.


It is a long article but well worth the read. If you don't have time for context, the third block of paragraphs (starting with "There will be more bad days for software." after the second green partition line)



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The Coming Software Apocalypse - The Atlantic


Aside from the obvious takes for the industry, this article provided me some insights on a more personal level.

If you have ever had one of these 2-day long of intense personality and cognitive testing and assessment made by an industrial psychologist, you were probably told whether your brain is wired to think argumentatively or conceptually. 85% of the population think argumentatively, which means that they break down problems and address them sequentially, argument by argument; think of it as the grocery list. The other 15% have what is called a conceptual mind. They think globally, have a 3D vision on a problem they consider; think of an armillary sphere.


The argumentative mind remains functional with partial information, or information revealed through time or process. The conceptual mind needs to have the context and the problem laid out before it can efficiently work on the problem. However, with enough of the wireframe, the conceptual mind is more successful at extrapolating the missing pieces of puzzle and at finding better solutions. Although not natural, the conceptual mind can decompose the problem in components and present it argumentatively; since the reverse is often times impossible for the argumentative mind, communication will depend on the the conceptual thinkers' ability to "speak argumentatively" to communicate ideas and concepts to the majority of people they will have to work with.


I suspect that "playing computer in their heads" which is what coding requires of developers, is a mental process that is very sequential by nature; probably easier to handle by argumentative minds. Unfortunately, the down side of this is that it is easy to get busy at solving codes and forget to solve the real problems the technology is supposed to solve.

I am part of the minority that think conceptually.  I am an incredible problem solver. I come up with creative solutions even when dealing with large and various arrays of information. I can modelize extremely complex issues into easy to grasp infographics. However, I am a terrible coder. I can't seem to be able to hold present in my mind at the same time the Google Earth that I see and the HTML and JavaScript that need to be written to generate it. I have to repeat aloud the lines of codes commenting after with what the effect/action of that line will be. It takes me so long to code and that kind of brain activity is exhausting for me, whereas I can sneeze out a full blown concept with no effort if I let simmer in the contingencies during what I call my gestation period.


When confronted by an argumentative mind in a position of autority, I tend to choke and lose my ability to translate my creations into arguments. That is why I have always tried to build things myself "to show them". But certain things are just too much to build on your own ...