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Why do layouts change on printing?

Question asked by HenryRobinson on Dec 11, 2018
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One of my print layouts has two fields one on top of the other. One is a modifiable filed letting the user enter any thing they would like, the other one is a merged filed that is on top and is not modifiable. The the idea is if the user would like to make small changes to the wording they will not need my help to redo the print layout. But for the print layout to work some data needs to be generated.The example I am using has a year that comes directly from the record.


My question is how do I stop it from moving when printing? If you look below I have screen shots of it in layout mode, before printing, and after printing. You will not that the year 2020 moves to the right and instead of covering the 2019 it covers part of the word "avoid".


couple of notes.

  • I have tried a merged filed and a normal field and got the same results
  • I have tried to group the two fields and got the same results
  • I have tried removing the left and right lock on autosizing and got the same results
  • I welcome recommendation on how to accomplish my goal another way but please if you can help me answer my question for future print layouts



Layout Mode

before printing

After printing