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Access Denied via ODBC

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2018
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Dear All


I have our FileMaker 17 Server trial installed on Windows Server 2016 Standard.

Since we purchased the license, I uninstalled the FileMaker 17 Server Trial Version and reinstalled the FileMaker Server 17.


After the installation, there is no issue on the client pc to use the FileMaker 17 Advanced Pro to connect to the server to use the database.


At the moment, I have the issue is that, when I use Windows ODBC data Source Administrator either on client PC or on the server itself, to add the Database by using the FileMaker V17 ODBC driver. I can see the server and then see the database. But when I do the test , it gave me the error message. Access Denied.  The account that I am using is the full access account in the database.


Can anyone help with this?