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finding unique values

Question asked by garyavischious on Dec 12, 2018
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I have a simple DB with



Color (as each item comes in numerous colors)

Size (each item/color comes in s, m, l & xl)

Item_Color (calc of Item & "_" & Color)

SKU (calc of Item_Color & "_" & Size)


The DB is populated from an Excel sheet with SKU level detail.  I want to create a script to identify and create an item sort order and color sort order (keeping it the same as the way they were imported ) and potentially export the unique Item_Colors and also the unique Items. 


The Summary function works to find  unique items, but I don't want them sorted in any way. I also want to be able to apply the new sort codes from the way the data came in.


I am having a brain cramp figuring out where to use the "new" (FM 16) UniqueValues function.


Ultimately, I'd like three script buttons to display various find options.

    Show Items (unique only) - in the example list D, B, C & A

    Show Items_Colors (unique only) - in the example list D_Red, D_Black, D_Blue, D-Green, B_Red...)

    Show All (all items, colors and sizes)


I am using FM17 on a Mac.


Test file attached.