FM 17.0.3 Windows Client fails with Server 16 and 17

Discussion created by mcn_HH on Dec 13, 2018
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after the latest upgrade to Fm 17.0.3 our main solution doesn´t work anymore:





The Windows 17.0.3 Client hangs while opening several solution files

= the first FM file loads
= FM hangs when loading additional files after Custom authentication



Possible reason


I BELIEVE this must have somenthing to do with the Re-Login ScriptSteps and authentication by opening the solution files.



Descript of our Login process


Our Login file is loaded with a "dummy user" that only has access to 1 table in login.fmp12.

1. The User enters his credentials in 2 fields (= Custom User Login!).

2. The values are written in 2 variables and we do a Re-Login with a user that has privileges for our "customer-table" to check wether there is a user with the credentials entered by the user

3.a) if successful we make another Re-Login with the Users' privileges Set and open the other solution files

b) if not successful we make the Re-Login bak to "dummy user"


Everything works for years in several combinations. But after the Upgrade to 17.0.3 the Windows Version of FM hangs, when opening our Solution from our SERVERS.


In Short:

Windows FM 17.0.3 files lokal: Works!

Windows FM 17.0.3 files on server: FileMaker shows spinning wheel after the user entered his credential and several scripts are running


Mac FM 17.0.3 works both lokal and with server

Windows FM <=17.0.2 works both lokal and with server


Windows FM 17.0.3 hangs no matter which server version (FMS16 and FMS17 testet) or Windows Version (Windows 7 and Windows 10 testet). We testet on several machines.


Windows FM 17.0.3 works fine with other FM files on the server

- that do not belong to our solution

- that have no Re-Login function



Up to 17.0.2 everything works fine. What can we do?