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Pasting 'Insert Calculated Result' script step logs an error

Question asked by ericgarig on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by TSGal

Pasting a copied 'Insert Calculated Result' script step logs an error to the console when the target is a variable.


Options for the script step are:

- unchecked 'select entire contents'

- checked 'target' with a 'Variable' radio button selected and a variable name specified for the value

- calculated result with a variable.


script step XML:

<fmxmlsnippet type="FMObjectList">

<Step enable="True" id="77" name="Insert Calculated Result">

<SelectAll state="False"></SelectAll>







In, the log entries are:

2018-12-12 15:22:31.025 -0500 «FileName» 0 Import of script steps from clipboard started

2018-12-12 15:22:31.043 -0500 «ScriptName»::«Step#»::Insert Calculated Result::Field 10 Attribute “id” missing.

2018-12-12 15:22:31.043 -0500 «ScriptName» 0 script steps imported : 1

2018-12-12 15:22:31.044 -0500 «FileName» 0 Import completed



FileMaker Pro 17.0.3

OS X 10.12.6