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On iOS iPad:  The file "xxx.xx" could not be opened (not found).

Question asked by DonClark on Dec 12, 2018
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I am having a problem opening a file on a server running V17 (patched) using FM G0 17.  The file in question opens on using FileMaker Pro 17 client, but not on Go.  The actual error is:


'The file "OTOE 2.0" could not be opened (not found).'


This is a new instance of FileMaker 17 server on an AWS server.  The FileMaker Sample file is still on there and I am able to open it without a problem on FM Go.


The file, OTOE 2.0, is the interface file in a data separation model solution.  The External Data source is correctly configured (it works on the Mac Client), and I added the fmnet:/ url as a data source.  That did not help.


The connection is not yet encrypted on the server.


I researched this error but did not find any help. Two iPads have had the problem from two different countries.  None have been able to connect.


Thank you.