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Ideas for note taking in FileMaker

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by BMyers

Now that Microsoft has decided to do away with OneNote for desktop, I have decided to move my note taking to a custom-built solution made with FileMaker. The way that FileMaker works with text areas in a field is much different than OneNote. I would like to know if there is any plugin or addon to FileMaker that could make note taking easier. OneNote could bunch up text and graphics together. I am looking for ideas on how to make note taking more versatile and connected visually in FileMaker. I can see many benefits of having notes that are comprised of text fields, containers with media, and other related parts. Laying it out is where I don’t have a clear vision. The Research Notes starter solution is something of the sort, but it lacks robust capabilities for images. I do not like the way you have to change tabs to see related images and content. If any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks