Numbers super-imposed on Preview and Print

Discussion created by new2_fm on Dec 13, 2018
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Hello all, I just inherited a FileMaker server and workstations. This department uses it for their internal reports.Recently they have reported that the report numbers as well as phone numbers are getting super-imposed, like they are printed over twice from what it looks like as the numbers are the same. I did some googling and it pointed to the layout, so i look at the layout and the boxes that show the report and phone numbers have two boxes in them. Now when the reports are being filled out everything looks fine but when they go to "Preview" or they try to print the report out that's when the problem is evident. They didn't report the issue until recently, when I asked when the problem stated they mentioned that it started a couple of months ago. I checked the backups of the databases and moved the backups to a test computer and found that every thing was working as it should be. I paused the databases on the server and copied them over to my test system to try and work on them but as I know nothing about FM I don't have an idea where to start except asking my question here.

Everything, Server and workstation are running version 15, server is running 2012R2 workstations are running Windows 7 ENT with all updates. I have updated FM on the server and all the workstations to the most current v.15. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.