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Discussion created by rouelf on Dec 13, 2018
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Hello, anyone been using the GetSensor function ?


For a long time, looked forward to when FM would give access to the internal sensors of iOS devices.

Of course that has come in FM 17.


Use, collect the following sensor data:

Time, Acel_x, Ace_y, Acel_z, Gyro_x, Gyro_y, Gyro_z, Mag_x, Mag_y, Mag_z, Lat, Lon


Then of course do a full blown analysis with the data. All within Filemaker. Analyze for very small movements, with charts: for each coordinate axis, in both an earth frame, and the device frame x, y, z axises: Distance / displacements, speeds, user accelerations, pitch, roll, yaw, Euler angles, device attitude (Body frame axises orientation from North), and a little more, like analyze GPS data as appropriate. All analysis performed with FM.


My issue is that the highest data rate collections I have achieved in FM Go, is about 2 samples per sec for all of the above combined sensors data. Was hoping for much higher, like 50 samples per sec. Perhaps someone more experienced can give suggestions / direction.


Currently, have to use apps such as Sensor Data, Sensor Play, or Sensor Pro (there are many others), to collect data at high rates (100 samples per sec) export as csv, then import to FM file for processing.