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Is Using a main table to view all data in a multi-table db a good idea?

Question asked by tangoartist on Dec 13, 2018
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I'm coming back to FMP after several years of life as an artist and photographer, and I'm trying very hard to knock the rust off this old DBer.


Here's my challenge:


I started a new part of my life in May of 2018 by getting out and running. Simultaneously, I started the Keto Diet. As a result, I've lost 31 pounds, I'm now off my diabetes meds, have cut my BP meds by 87.5%, and cut my cholesterol back to normal levels from levels too high to mention. I've been tracking all this on a daily basis in a Numbers spreadsheet. Sadly, it is now too unwieldy and I need to move to a database.


Thinking this through, I have at least three tables — Running, Workouts, and Diet. But I think I want to aggregate the records in each in a sort of Control Room that will display the appropriate data that I want to look at.


It's been 20 years or so since I worked mainly in FMP so those muscles are a bit weak (if you'll pardon the health metaphor). AND FMP has matured as much as me in that time, too, so there's that. I want this to be a slick looking database that I can refer to or enter data in whichever platform I'm on — iPhone, iPad, or iMac. I have no aspiration to create a commercial product but I wouldn't object if I could build something that actually could be sold.


I'm still building my tables and fields, identifying all the entities that will comprise the complete database. So, it's very early in the development of this thing. I've attached the Fields view of what I have now. When I'm done, I'll separate them into the appropriate tables.


Let me boil this down to a single question for now: Does using this Control Room to bring the data together only when needed sound like a good idea and, if not, how would you do it? Just a general idea, please. Not looking for someone else to do the heavy lifting for me. Also, if you can point me to a good, comprehensive tutorial for FMPAdv16, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Lawrence Standifer Stevens