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Distribution from Development to Production

Question asked by yamu on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by beverly

My Filemaker Solution consist of a Database for the Layouts and a 2nd Database with the data-tables, so I can easily distribute new updates to then GUI. I've only one problem: When I add some new fields in the Data-Database and use them in the GUI-Database, all works fine in Development. Then I add this fields in the Production-Database and COPY the new GUI-Database to the clients, very often some field-links in the layout will be newly linked to wrong fields. This is because of the internal field-numbers in Filemaker. In the development Data-Database, I often add a field to a table, delete it, add new fields and so on until all is correct. In the production database, I only add the correct fields and rarely delete fields, and through this different working, I think, the fields of my development database and my production database get different internal id's which will not be matched bz the id's of the copied new Layouts in the new Layout Database.


So, what's the correct way in Filemaker to distribute a development version to a production system?


Thanks, Hans