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dayback calendar

Question asked by reneez on Dec 13, 2018

I’m trialing FM & Dayback calendar and have some questions.


For our small company (5 users)I’m composing a custom-made projectmanagement relational database with about 20 tables.

At the moment we’re working with Daylite calendar which is also editable on our mobile devices.


We would actually prefer a connection which is customised and connected with our FM database.

So I need to know if DayBack after it is connected to our database is editable on a mobile device?

And do we need FM go for our


If we buy dayback calendar & resourcing should we embed or link the calendar?

Or should we buy the Dayback online version?


We are still considering hosting FM on our own server or choosing the cloud based solution.

Would we encounter conflicts with the calendar in either option?

Which EC2 instance would you recommend for the use of the projectmanagement database together with the calendar?


Happy to hear some solutions