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Tricky import

Question asked by Cécile on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2018 by karimhanafi

I still have difficulties sometimes to upload data when it is for layouts containing portals. I usually create the portal's layout eg estimate lines and do 2 imports.


In my present case, I have tried to do that but I can't get my two related tables to match properly. I have started by importing the table "Signifiers" because you have two Signifiers for each signified.


I get really weird results a you can see in the screen shots: Tables are Left Signifié (Signified) and right Signifiant(signifier) in the graph



At first things look normal:



But in list table view (layout Associer ses signifiants au signifié) things do not make sense: Only English and each list is doubled (note that it is normal that the signifié is repeated twice since it is the key for the english signifiant and french signifiant)



It gets worst: the list table view of the layout Valeurs de listes shows that the fk are not right, and the signifiant Deployment... repeats for every ID of signifie and every category... that repeats all over.



Yet, the form view portals of that layout do not look that dramatic although the english data repeats twice

sidebysideportals uneven number.png

The following is the Excel data imported:



I have attached both the Excel and the fm files. I am at my wits end!



TorstenBernhard the graph for those is closely inspired by the KingdomVL file where the binomial table is the signifié and the common name table is the signifiant here..



Edited: for accuracy (table instead of list) and a better Excel data sheet.