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Numeric Pad

Question asked by yellowhammer on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have to enter lots of one decimal numbers into my FM database on on the touchpad on my iPhone and iPad, and are required to hit 3 buttons every time to enter one number three digit number, such as 3.2 or 5.8 or 4.6 etc.  I have to hit the first number, the decimal key, and then the second number.  Seems pretty easy, but its actually slow and prone to mistakes.  Since iPhones and iPads are touchpad, sometimes I hit wrong numbers or the decimal doesn't register, and since I'm entering fast, I touch type and I don't notice when a 3.2 gets entered as a 32, or just 3..  Keyboards have tactile number pads, I can hear them click, I can't figure out how to make button clicks or sounds in Filemaker.  


Or another option, is there a way to set up a 10 row by 10 column matrix where when I need to enter a three digit number, I can have a preset button grid pop up and I just tap the correct button that equal 3.2?  Or the correct button that equals 5.8 and have that number entered into a field?  So a three button touch gets turned into a 1 button touch?  That would be very fast.


I tried a value list but it seems to only work in one long column which means I have to do a lot of scrolling.


Or is there a way to enable audio so I can hear the button clicks?


Or is there a way to have the actual numeric value read back to me in an audio message.  For example, when I enter 3.2 on the touchpad, the iPhone via Filemaker will say "3.2"?