WebDirect screen redraw

Discussion created by ibrahim_bittar on Dec 13, 2018
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One of the things that I find annoying about WD is screen redraw, specially if you connect from WAN. Here is a small sample video of a prototype of a new solution I'm creating:


WebDirect Screen Redraw on Vimeo


Let's forget for a moment about the design and let's focus on the screen redraw. Do you see how WD first loads the HTML code and then it applies the CSS?. In my opinion the user should receive a fully rendered page with all CSS styles applied. In my case I use a lot of them because it has been said that when you don't have a style it affects performance. Well, in this case performance is bad because at this time in the morning I'm the only user connected to the server.


If we have a "all or nothing" approach to screen redraw and we realize that our solution is slow, then we do whatever we have to do to make it faster, however, seeing a lot of data jumping in your screen, changing fonts, recalculating conditional formatting, etc. won't give the user any information.


Data and information are two different things, in my humble opinion.


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