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Basic of Basic Relationships Question

Question asked by rjhelmuth on Dec 14, 2018
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Apparently, I'm just missing the most obvious...

Let's say I have a PEOPLE table. I have a "constant" number field which I auto-enter with 1. I then have a "isCustomer" calc field which evaluates to 1 if the "category" field has a value of "Customer".


Should I not be able to have a "Customer" TO based on the People table and the relationship back to the main People table is that the "isCustomer" field (on the Customer TO) equals the "constant" field (on the People TO)? I would have expected this to filter records in the second TO to only those with "Customer" in the category field (or more precisely, those who's "isCustomer" and "constant" fields match.


What am I missing?

I should add, I'm wanting an entire Layout based on the Customer TO, not just a portal.