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PSOS skipping scripted actions?

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Dec 14, 2018
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May be a stupid question, and it is probably related to my lack of knowledge.. The solution I am working on has been experiencing 'odd' behaviors that i can't seem to figure out the cause.  This is a science base application and will provide a general workflow as background info. Ultimately, the question is that during some PSOS script steps records calculations and or imports are being skipped, in some cases "half" the data goes in and then like a switch it will add/update data to the remaining records.   The stranger thing is that this only occurs with the PSOS version, but client side  version(derived from the PSOS) has not experienced the same problems



-LIMS system that handles results from scientific instruments. 

-Instrument run files are created via FMP

- File imported into instrument with UUID

-Instrument data is exported out of it's software

-that CSV is then imported into a temp table for clean up & validated; where this particular temp table is a single use for this purpose only (record lock conflicts)

- Once completed it is moved to the data tables via PSOS

- PSOS  replaces/updates scripted calc fields to reflect raw data import values

- total script run time on FMS ~6-13 seconds; client side ~min30 seconds ( we have wifi users or remote VPN access)


-Hosted Solution



-Max concurrent users 3 at a time (though I sit next to all users and have ruled out locked records)




1) during the write operation via PSOS, the movement of data occasionally will skip records.  It always follows a pattern such as of ~ first 100 records of max 360 records import correctly and before it randomly skips  records.  

i.e.  record #1-#100 imports find.  May skip #101-130, Imports record 131, skip 132-150, import record 151, etc.... The


I have confirmed that the initial data import into the temp table is completed and contains all the correct/valid match field data. I have tested and experienced the problem when there was only 1 active user (myself). It works 95% of time but fails without warning


2) I experience PSOS issues with replacing a field with a calculation.  Some type of thing occurs where half of the field values have been updated, skips most of the rest with a few random records being updated.  Same thing applies with testing


3) PSOS has lost/dropped a variable value mid script.  In my script I check to make sure a key is passed successfully to the server and escapes if it hasnt.   I then recall that same variable later in the script.  One time a user experienced  a secondary escape error message that was set up for a foundcount error.     the odd thing is that it is/was the same  foundset conditions that worked in an earlier action of the script.   I since added a second $var check prior to that second find operation.  It has triggered one additional time and captured that the $var  no longer contained  a value. (UUID to NULL)




set error on

set var  evaluate (get(scriptparamter))

if  isempty($var)


end if

set error off


set error on

enter find

go to layout

set field $var

perform find


if error...


set error off


do stuff and do not touch $var again....


if  isempty ($var)

exit  pass message

This is where it failed