Deprecation of Runtimes: Copyrigt Protection and Demo Distribution

Discussion created by AndreasRoth on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by eric_evers

1. In runtimes the main password account can be removed from a solution to protect the code from cracking. But how in the future FM developes may protect their works from copyright thefts if this feature is not available any more?  3rd party utilities crack passwords in FileMaker databases easily for e.g.:


No developer will spend years of time  on development, from which complex algorithm and datastructures can be copied at a breeze.


2. How in the future FM developers shall distribute demos to customers if the execution of their solutions is depending on an ahead installation of Filemaker Pro Advanced (web direct does not work for many solutions)?


From my experience potential customers seek a quick review and touch and feel before they decide to spend more of their valuable business time. A compulsory installation of Filemaker Pro ahead of giving customers a glue, will not work in the real world, where customers seek solutions, not platforms they do not understand.