Webdirect landscape list view on mobile

Discussion created by sfpx on Dec 14, 2018

From the webdirect guide

Design each layout for the smallest device in a range of devices, and configure the auto-resize options for layout objects to adjust according to the web browser’s height and width.


That seems to be true for portrait mode but ,with a list view layout , landscape mode looks like it could be a nightmare to manage.

If I set an object to be resized to the full width it will not display correctly on webdirect mobile unless I make the width the exact width of the device screen. If my layout is smaller there will be white space on the right. Again, it will work correctly on a form layout (unless you try to resize a portal).


So basically, if I understand correctly, if you want beautiful list layouts in landscape mode in webdirect mobile, you would have to create layouts for every different ios device resolutions (about 9 or 10 different ones). That seems really impractical.


Do I miss something ?



This is with Webdirect 16.

Maybe this has been fixed in webdirect 17 ?